Conventional Stories in Sierra Leone: What Role for Librarians?


Stories are just about as old as language, as old as the most punctual social orders. A couple of the most punctual stories even make due: those told in pictorial structure on dividers of cavern in Lascaux, in France or in the Mpongweni Mountains in Lesotho. What’s more, others have come down to us on the planet’s fantasies and old stories to which we currently approach on the printed age. Narrating is more established than printing, more seasoned than composing, and the primary stories to be put down on paper, papyrus or material were not crafted by those creators but rather records of the oral customs of past hundreds of years. In Sierra Leone for what it’s worth in most African nations narrating is a fundamental piece of the nation’s life albeit oral customs have generally respected the composed word.

We learn as we live while we are kids, youngsters and grown-ups. Learning isn’t restricted to the study hall alone: it can happen anyplace. Virtues and accepted practices, convictions and codes must be sent from age to the following, whether or not altered. Casual learning settings are significant and may be prevailing even today when more formalized and explicit foundations have mostly dominated.

While Sierra Leoneans watch themselves against their past the two educationists and custodians see a ton in narrating that could be utilized as establishment to situate and foster the youthful in the educational system. There are numerous signs that a tremendous lavishness of customary teaching method in regard to the standards, substance, strategies and institutional game plans existed and still exist in Sierra Leone. Narrators, their accounts and tunes, precepts and conundrums are as yet significant resources and subjects for native learning and training. Oral practices don’t just pass the mores and norms of a general public. They set off to clarify the world and conduct of individuals in it. Oral practices offer records of how the world started and these creation legends are part additionally of the Holy Books of the multitude of world’s for some time set up religions like Christianity and Islam. Likewise clarified in figurative terms is all human conduct wherein great doesn’t generally win over evil.

Stories which don’t rely upon writing thusly don’t rely upon education. They can arrive at the entirety of the local area and their intelligent quality is itself power, for it works with the elements of stories in friendly guidance, what Leeson (1985) called “passing on the nation’s common insight and qualities to the future.” Sadly there is a missing connection in Sierra Leone as school going kids are all around familiar with the accounts of Great Britain, the United States of America, Canada and Italy to refer to a couple of models however know very little with regards to their customary stories.


Sierra Leone contains sixteen (16) ethnic gatherings. The biggest of these is the Mende found in the Southern and Eastern Provinces. Close to them in number is the Temne in the North. The third biggest gathering is the Limba, additionally in the Northern Province, trailed it Ends WITH Us by the Kono in the Eastern Province. There’s the Koranko in the North just as the Yalunka, Loko, Soso, Madingo and Fula. On the coast, North and South are the Bullom and Sherbro followed by the a lot more modest gatherings of Krim, Vai and Gola, with the Kissi further inland in the Eastern Province. The Western Area, including Freetown, is more blended in populace, yet is essentially the home of the Creole gathering. In this multitude of ethnic gatherings narrating is normal as a component of their way of life.