How to Pronounce Polish Words

In Polish, every letter or digraph is reported one after the other, even when the equal letters are written one after the opposite. For instance, if a Polish phrase incorporates “nn” or “ll”, both letters are pronounced one after the other. The pressure is Polish is likewise very regular: nearly every Polish word is said with the stress on the marshal animal crossing  second one-from-closing (penultimate) syllable. In a few foreign words the strain will fall at the 1/3-from-final syllable, but this is uncommon.

There are numerous digraphs (two  how to pronounce entrepreneur  or greater letters stated as one sound) in Polish. It is critical to study these digraphs, because they’ll be reported the identical manner on every occasion you notice them, and the pronunciations are not always intuitive. The table under offers the way to pronounce every digraph one at a time.

Ch Pronounced exactly like the Polish “h” letter  f95zone  (equal to the English “h” in “howdy”)

ci Pronounced exactly just like the Polish “ć”

cz Pronounced with a lower tone than the Polish “ć”. To pronounce it, begin announcing “ć” then stick your lips in addition out

dzi Pronounced just like the American English word “gee”

dź, dz Pronounced like the “j” inside the American English word “jeans”

dż A deeper sound than the “dź”, it’s miles suggested just like the “j” in the American English word “jungle”, however with the lips similarly out

ni Pronounced just like the Polish “ń”

rz Pronounced similar to the Polish letter “ż”

si Pronounced like the Polish “ś”

sz Pronounced with a decrease tone than the Polish “ś”. To pronounce it, begin pronouncing “ś” then stick your lips similarly out

zi Pronounced precisely just like the Polish “ź”

Major Exceptions to Be Aware Of:

There is a phenomenon within the Polish language called devoicing. Devoicing occurs whilst one of the letters b, d, g, w, or z arise at the cease of a word. When this occurs, the consonant is softened and adjustments its pronunciation. For instance, the letters b, d, g, w, and z might change their pronunciation to p, t, ok, f and s.

The letters q, v, and x aren’t gift within the local Polish alphabet, but you may stumble upon them even as studying a document in Polish or even as travelling through Poland. The purpose for this is that they are used simplest in phrases that are direct overseas loanwords, such as English words that have no longer had their spelling modified to follow Polish grammatical regulations.

In sure conditions, you will want to recognize the way to pronounce those letters. The “q”, that’s rarely encountered in Polish, is stated because the English letters “kw”. The “v” can be suggested ways: typically as a English “v” in English loanwords, however as an English “f” is phrases of German origin. The “x”, which within reason commonplace in some written Polish documents, is said because the English “ks”.